Nashville, Tennessee
Are you a 501(c)3, and is my donation tax deductible?
Yes, we are a licensed and registered 501(c)3. Yes, your donation is tax deductible.
Do you have a Board Of Directors?
Yes we do. (2 Attorneys. 2 Songwriters. 2 Road Managers. 1 Accountant. 1 Warden)
How are you supported?
We are supported by donations from Private Donors, Charitable Organizations, and Churches.
How is my Contribution used when I donate?
Staffing, Operations & Travel Expenses (Flights, Fuel, Lodging, Meals,Vehicle & Equipment Rentals, Office Fees)
Where do you go & how often ?
We have hosted 12 weeks per year in New York City Jails - 12 weeks per year in Nashville Jails - 4 weeks per year in California Prisons - 1 week per year in a North Carolina Prison. Requests in addition to these commitments are based on schedule availability and funding.
What does a typical day look like for a musician who goes in to a correctional facility?
Musicians and Crew arrive at the facility in the early morning. After a security clearance and a short amount of time for setup,  we provide a 90 minute event  with a Q & A follow up. We are sometimes allowed a meet and greet, depending on the level of security.
What kind of Jails & Prisons do you play in?
90% of the facilities we go to are Maximum Security. We occasionally go to medium security facilities.