Do you believe music can heal & Restore?
Do you believe music communicates what words alone cannot?
Do you believe music can impart worth, and provoke a soul to change its present orientation?
For many inmates, prison hardens the heart, rather than offering time to heal past wounds and clarify the past.
"Send Musicians to Prison" has a passion for helping to mend the hearts of broken people.
We believe that music has the ability to dismantle the wall of resistance & give inmates the opportunity to internalize.
We believe that prisons can be a venue for second chances.
We believe in sharing the language of hope, healing, and restoration with the imprisoned...through music.

Who we arE

Singers, songwriters, and musicians from around the country who believe in reconciliation and restoration.

We believe in sharing the language of hope, healing, and forgiveness with the imprisoned... through music.

Since 2009, we have held monthly residencies at prisons in Nashville, New York, and California.

Beginning 2021, we also pre record live events in Nashville that are streamed on prison networks around the country reaching more than 100k inmates per month. See here.

We are a 501c3 Non Profit.