UPDATE: Wyndell Voorheis - "Full Circle"

August 27, 2015

45 years ago, Wyndell Voorheis worked in a chili factory in Nashville, Tennessee.

After only a few years, he found himself making more money on the streets as a dealer.

He went on to spend more than half of his life in jail.

A few years ago, Wyndell became friends with Nathan Lee inside a Nashville jail.

Wyndell was released on New Years Eve, 2014.

On New Years Day, at 64 years of age, Wyndell went to visit Nathan Lee at the office for SEND MUSICIANS TO PRISON, only to realize that the office was the old chili factory.

On Wednesday, on August 26th, Wyndell shared his life story with a group of college seniors from a local Music Conservatory in the office for SMTP. He spoke gently and honestly, in the very room he once worked as a young man. No one could of imagined a day like this 45 years ago.

Everyone sat around in the warehouse office that normally hosts musicians who rehearse and discuss how to better serve those who are incarcerated, through music. Little was it known when SMTP leased this office space that Wyndell was far ahead of us. He reminded us that the cross is our compass. He reminded us that God is always standing next to us with his hand out, should we so chose to grab it. He reminded us that God sees us, always. It was an afternoon that truly can’t be put in to words.

Wyndell now spends his days reconnecting with family, and sharing his story of transformation with anyone who will listen. On this particular day, it was with a group of college students. To say that everyone in the room was wide eyed & encouraged is an understatement.

Wyndell is the reason That SEND MUSICIANS TO PRISON continues.

We love you, Wyndell. Thank you for being a true example of unconditional love, forgiveness, kindness, grace, compassion, and transformation. But most of all, Thank You for reminding us that we too are not forgotten.

As Wyndell would say “ Everything is a God thing, there ain’t no Accidents”.

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