Spring Update

May 13, 2016

Friends of SMTP
Spring is here, and we hope this letter finds you well.
We want to share with you what has been happening over the past few months, and how your support is working.
In January, we had a meeting with the Sheriff of Nashville, to discuss a monthly music program for the womens prison in Nashville.
After many meetings, we will be Starting a weekly program in July.
The program will be lead by Joanna Lampa.
We are so grateful for Joanna, the curriculum she has written, her willingness to lead this new program, and the amazing volunteers who have offered their time to train and serve in this new season.
We were schedule to take John Carter Cash to perform in the San Quentin yard in April.
Unfortunately, San Quentin went in to a 6 day lock down the night before we arrived.
We had partnered with an amazing organization in California called Bread & Roses for this event.
They were kind enough to take John and his team for a private walk through of the facility to see where his Father and Mother had once performed.
We're working on rescheduling for this summer. We'll keep ya posted.
Mothers Day was spent in a womens prison in North Carolina.
Brendan & Rachael McCarthy shared such amazing music and stories and encouragement with the women.
More than half of the facility joined the event. To say that it was a healing Mothers day is an understatement.
In the midst of all of this, we've been doing weekly one off events, as well as hosting cookouts at our Nashville office for inmates who have been released.
In short, community is what its all about. And were learning that "one on one" time with inmates is crucial for their re-enrty.
Our model has drastically changed since all of this begun 6 years ago.
Send Musicians To Prison is not a Giant Non Profit. Were more of a Boutique.
We intentionally go to the back of the building in maximum security facilities where no one else will go.
We stay in the shadows, and it takes a strong team to continually love and serve in those shadows.
We have spent the majority of our time over the past 6 years in 3 states, Tennessee, New York, and California.
This coming year, we will finally have to hire a few staff members to keep SMTP not only on its projected path, but to better serve neighboring inmates.
We have been donated a building to use for New York operations beginning in June.
We will need to hire 2 full time directors this year for both Nashville and New York City.
So, between Nashville and New York City, we have a full plate.
How its all going to happen, well......Thats where Prayer and Faith and Hope and Sweat and Smart Decisions and Financial Support come in.
I don't pretend to know which road your called to walk on in this journey with us. I just know you're in it and part of it and we love you so much. We really couldn't do this without you.
Were so grateful for you supporting us as we continue to Send Musicians To Prison and share Hope through Music with those who are hurting.
We appreciate your support and your prayers.
We Love You So Much.
More soon.

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