Hello 2020

January 1, 2020

Hello 2020. Hello Friends and Supporters of SMTP.

If you had told me I’d be writing this letter 10 years ago, I’m not sure what I would of thought, but I do know I’m honored and humbled to be doing so.

When SMTP first launched a decade ago, we had big ideas and passionate vision, and we were somewhat clueless about what we were getting in to. We’ve learned a lot, made mistakes, and re aligned. We’ve learned to stay present and be intentional. We still have big ideas and passionate vision, but our pace is different. These days, We count our days by one, and continue to Love those in front of us Unconditionally. One thing has remained the same, to Love the incarcerated with music, and find ways to bring them healing and hope and reconciliation. Thousands of concerts have been given to untold amounts of correctional facilities and inmates around the United States. All of this has happened through relationships with various Correctional Leaders & Officers who truly care. The outcome has shown us the importance of reminding people of their value, regardless of their story. Many of these former inmates have become our friends and are now productive members of society.

In addition, if you’d like to see some video recaps of the past 10 years, you can do so by visiting our YouTube Page by clicking below:

Thank you for your continued support. We couldn’t do this without you.

We’re truly excited to stand with you in the upcoming year, as we continue to Serve & Love our Neighbors, no matter what! We are Sincerely Grateful for you!

With Love & Respect,

Nathan Lee