California In January. Part 1.

January 27, 2014

I spent the week in SanDiego with a friend who is on house arrest awaiting trial. It was a beautiful week. A lot to process. My heart is heavy for him. If I've learned anything about will teach you who you are & who you aren't. May God be our Compass.

Friday night, I received a call from a Deputy with the Sheriff's Department that I greatly admire.

He invited me to dinner. Matthew Kennedy joined us. (He's the guy that got me in to all of this 5 years ago.)

We spent a few hours with 3 men that work with the LASD.

When I asked one of them what he did, he simply said "Come on, I'll show you".

At 9:00 at night, we drove to a station house, and hung out with 10 inmates in a small program.

We sang with them. They sang for us. We prayed with them. They prayed for us.

My heart is full. These were men that want to start over.

I am deeply grateful for those in Law Enforcement who care about reconciliation.

Thank You for being in this with us...whether it be prayer, funding, or an ear....Thank You!

May we continue to encourage hope & forgivness.

Nathan Lee